Kenwood Greens Residential Care Home for the Elderly

Kenwood Greens Residential Care Home for the Elderly

Experience the Best in Senior Residential Care Retired Living

For nearly a decade, we have provided Sonoma and Marin county residents and their families unparalleled service, quality care, and attention. Our residents are constantly satisfied because we stay true to our mission: It’s all about family. We invite you to come visit Kenwood Greens and experience its top quality care.

Inside Kenwood Greens

Kenwood Greens, a residential care facility for seniors, provides comfortable non medical care for active adults who desire assistance with independent living.

Nestled in the heart of the wine country, Kenwood Greens resides on an acre of lush gardens with views of Sugarloaf Mountain, surrounded by rolling hills, fields of ancient oak trees, and many lush vineyards.

We invite residents to stroll through the rose garden, read under the fruit trees, try their hand at gardening, or opt to relax on the patio and enjoy the Koi pond.

At Kenwood Greens, we promote a balanced lifestyle by fostering independence, nurturing family ties, providing vigilant care and ample recreation opportunities.

Kenwood Greens is suited to individuals who enjoy peaceful surroundings and fine quality living.

Kenwood Greens is a true home away from home.

Quality, Comfort & Elegance

Kenwood Greens prides itself on its excellent professional staff, its meals, privacy, personal attention and good old fashioned TLC. Kenwood Greens accommodates special needs.

Kenwood Greens is an intimate facility that houses a maximum of six residents. Each resident enjoys his or her own private room with garden views and plenty of light. With an extra guest house on the premises, Kenwood Greens offers accommodations for couples, too.

To arrange a no-obligation tour or for placement and evaluation, call Mercedes & Julius Vegvary at (707) 328-1691 or (707) 483-0998.

Kenwood Greens
Residential Care Facility for the Elderly
340 Greene Street
Kenwood, CA 95452
(707) 328-1691 or (707) 483-0998
Lic. # 496802094

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